Constitution of Pakistan 1973 | Download in Pdf

constitution of Pakistan 1973

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the Constitution which was approved in 1973. In the Parliament of Pakistan in the Government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In Parliament, it was Approved on the 12th of April 1973. The Constitution decides how to run Pakistan country. The constitution gives a direction to the Pakistan Political System. So … Read more

Martial Law in Pakistan | Military coups in Pakistan

Pakistan faces four-time the military cop law in the country. Martial Law in Pakistan was again and again implemented due to the instability of the political system in Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan from British law in 1947. All the four military coups in Pakistan details are fully explained. The time period of the martial with … Read more

objective resolution 1949 of Pakistan


Constitutional History of Pakistan had a great time when the Objective resolution was passed on 12 March 1949. In the first constitutional Assembly in the leadership of Liaqat Ali Khan. One of the most important resolutions that passed in 1949 in the Constitutional Assembly was the objective resolution. Objective Resolution 1949 Pakistan The Objective resolution … Read more

How to become a Judge in Pakistan


A judge can be elected from the lawyers. The judge can be the runner of the court and rule of order. they can understand the law and can implement it in society. A judge can work for justice. People do not decide what can do with criminals it is the duty of the judge that … Read more

How many types of Lawyers in Pakistan?


Every field of the Country has its Legal advisers Vacances and lawyers can work in any field like a business lawyer, Educational Lawyer, etc. The types of  Lawyers are so vast that it is not important to discuss all types of Lawyers in Pakistan. but the most important types of Lawyers in Pakistan are completely … Read more