How many types of Lawyers in Pakistan?

Every field of the Country has its Legal advisers Vacances and lawyers can work in any field like a business lawyer, Educational Lawyer, etc. The types of  Lawyers are so vast that it is not important to discuss all types of Lawyers in Pakistan. but the most important types of Lawyers in Pakistan are completely discussed here. These categories of a lawyer are the best types of lawyers in Pakistan and highly demanding types of lawyers in Pakistan. to become a lawyer in Pakistan are easy to process. For any problem, you can Visit

 Different Types of Lawyers in Pakistan

different types of lawyers are in Pakistan but some categories have the best scope in Pakistan. As you know the scope of Law in Pakistan is best. Different best types are these

Becoming a successful lawyer is hard work but it’s easy to become a successful lawyer in Pakistan by following some rules.

Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer is best in the Criminal Procedure Code. A criminal lawyer is also known as a defense lawyer. Criminal Lawyer can defend their crime in the Crime case in Criminal court. A criminal lawyer can charge a high amount for a high criminal case.

Civil Lawyers

A civil lawyer can handle a civil case. Such as civil cases among the people. such as property cases and other relational. civil lawyers can handle all cases that are not criminal and people partner relationships and others. There is a high demand for a civil lawyer as 90 percent of cases are registered in Pakistan courts are civil cases. so a good lawyer can earn a lot of money from civil cases

Business lawyer

All lawyers that work with any private company and any Businessmen are known as Business Lawyers. A business Lawyer is the legal adviser of the company. They can protect their company in any matter and can advise their clients on the legal way to work. So a business lawyer can charge a lot of salary from their company.

Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer can handle the case of immigration, and citizenship and also provide their clients can to do a safe journey and business migration, etc all those types of cases are attended by the Immigration lawyer

Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer is an expert in all types of taxes in-country and is handled by Tax lawyers. Taxation has a lot of scope and a tex lawyer are a good type of lawyer a tax lawyer can protect their client in any tax case and issue.

Family lawyers

A family lawyer can handle the case among the families. A family lawyer can handle the issues between families. such as domestic problems between husband and wife and all other types of domestic families are held by the Family lawyer.

Labor Lawyer

A labor lawyer can be a lawyer who stands for justice for the laborers and their legal rights cases are handled by the labor lawyer. These types of lawyers in Pakistan stand with those people who have no money to expense more



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