How to Become a Filer in Pakistan – Complete Information

To Become a filer in Pakistan is necessary. The Law of paying tax has been enforced by the Government. FBR law is applicable to every person and Business and Good earning person to pay tax annually. FBR declared that Pakistan is one of the lowest GDP countries because a lot of people can,t register NTN to pay tax. Only those countries make progress in which the Living people pay taxes honestly.FBR works and passes its law according to the constitution of pakistan1973  

Advantages to Become a Filer in Pakistan

The taxes that are collected from the people are used in the progress of a country to run a country in the competition of Well-developed countries we should do our best of ours to make the country rich so we go to pay taxes.  

  • The Pakistan Government encourages the filers to give them a lot of incentives to grow themselves other than those who can’t pay taxes.  
  • If a person has an NTN Number in Pakistan and pays taxes to the government then he gives 50 percent of the total taxes to the government in the vehicle purchase as compared to the no filer  
  • A filer In Pakistan pays 0.3%of total withholding taxes in the transection of the amount from the bank and a non-flier will pay 0.4% withholding taxes.   
  • At immoveable Property, purchasing filer pays 50 %less than the non-Filer  

Types of citizen who are paying Taxes 

In FBR the whole country’s population must be in the two categories Filer and Non-Filer. Filer is those who can register in FBR and Non-filers are those who can’t register as Taxpayer citizens. It’s a very disappointing number that the total population of the country is 200 million people and the number of people who pay taxes is only 1 percent in the whole state. Everyone runs away to pay taxes but they are unaware of the benefits of the Filer. 

How is one eligible to register for NTN  

If Your income is according to the scales of the taxpayer then you can register yourself as a filer and register NTN to pay tax to the government of Pakistan. If your yearly income is six lacks then you should go to register to  

NTN Registration importance in Pakistan.  

If you have registered yourself as a filer and paying taxes to the government is that you are working for your country. Legally no one in any department in Pakistan can disturb you about taxes. Ntn are Necessary to register a company in Pakistan

If an individual or a business has registered an NTN number and pays taxes to the government then he can build trust in society. Their partners believe and trust that business that is registered in Pakistan. they can trust you and there are a lot of chances to increase investment in your business.  

How to become a filer  

IF you want to become a filer in Pakistan then you must have a national tax number and if you want to register your NTN number by self then read the full article carefully to become a filer. Open the FBR website and read this information in a fill-in form.  


  • National Identity card (CNIC)copy
  • New or three months old electricity bill.   
  • Individuals must give the correct email number  
  • Phone numbers are also required which one registers at her CNIC number.  
  • Payslip of individual  
  • Must be required a permanent address which you should give in the form of FBR. 

Required document for business:   

  • National Identity card (CNIC)  
  • Paid bill of the business address which must be recently paid  
  • Business official email address  
  • Official Bussiness Contact number  
  • Business Official Adress  
  • Papers of property.  
  • business nature  

NTN getting from FBR 

  • First, open that link of FBR IRIS  
  • Click on the unregistered person if you have not registered yourself before  
  • Enter the detail to which the form is committed to correct phone number correct email address and correct CNIC and all other data correct  
  • When you can submit you can receive an SMS from FBR with a code  
  • Then you should enter the code in the exact place  
  • Then you can submit it then your account will be created  
  • Now you can log in to your account FBR send you your name and login password to your Gmail account   
  • After that, you should click on the 181 forms   
  • You should completely fill out the 181 form and attached documents with the 181 forms  
  • Congratulations after some time you will be a filler of Pakistan  




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