How to register a company in Pakistan | Complete Guide

A number of people asked how to register a company in Pakistan. Then this is a complete process for you. Make sure you read the Full information. registration of a company process is taken under the SECP e-services web page. You have to first approve the company name this is done after the SECP Signup. Fill out the form with the correct detail and then pay a 100 rupees Challen in Bank. Pay the company incorporation Fee which is 1800 Rupees after giving Relevant detail.

Start and How to Register a Company in Pakistan?

If you want to start a company in Pakistan Then you should register a company. The Government of Pakistan trying to make registration easy for the people.

SECP stands for Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan which handles the company registration process. So If anyone wants to register a company then he should read the detail from SECP and visit the SECP office

How to Register a company in Pakistan? These are the most repeated question. so now after Reading this Process you Know a lot about company registration.


Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan(SECP)

IN Pakistan company Registration Processes are Handled by the SECP of Pakistan’s offers to register a company by online process and also offers to register Offline from the SECP office. Different types of Companies have different Processes. If you want to register a company then you should check name availability.


Types of legal companies in Pakistan

There are different types of Companies in Pakistan. Before registration, you should how many types of companies and their advantages then you find a Process that is How to register a company in Pakistan

1. Private Limited Company(PLC)

2. Single Limited Company(SPC)

3. Public Limited Company(PLC)


Private Limited Company(PLC)

IN Private Limited Company two or more People attached to the company by signing their name to Memorandum Association According to the Company Act 2017.

Single Limited Company(SLC)

A single Member company is that which only a single Person starts a Private company. Companies Act 2017 allow making a Single Private Limited company with the companies act requirements

Public Limited Company(PLC)

Private Limited companies have two types which are Listed and Non-Listed. Public Limited Companies are registered when three or more people make a company Agreement to form a Public limited company by subscribing their names to the Memorandum

A publicly Listed company has its share publicly and it allows it to share with the Public.PAK rupees 200 million is Required to set up a listed company. Unlisted Public Limited Companies does not allow to share with the Public. Pak rupees 100000 Required to set up this company

Company  Registration

You need to understand the document that how to register a company in Pakistan and follow some steps to register your company. There are a few steps in the registration of a company in Pakistan.

 Reservation of company name and Company Incorporation

In the registration of a company, the first step is to decide on a name and check on the SECP website whether the name is available or not. For the name of the company Section 10 of the companies, act gives full detail. AS You can check the SECP Prohibited list to decide the company name or Firm Name.

After Deciding on the company name you can check its availability from SECP. If the name is available then you should reserve the company name by creating an about at the SECP

SECP Regulation for a Company or firm Name
SECP set some regulations to register a company name
Its company name does not be resembled of existing registered LLP or company.
Inappropriate or deceptive company names can,t be accepted,
Did not add words in company name that make people offense,
Company name can,t add any religion against words
Avoid adding words that prohibited Section 10 of the Act and Regulation 4 of the Companies Regulations, 2017.

Step Two Reserve the Company Name

Some Steps How to reserve company Name.
Open SECP Website and register at the E series
Valid CNIC for Pakistan citizens and Valid Passport for NON-Pakistan Persons are required
Select Fast Track Registration Services to get registration service on the same date.
Fill out the form Acourate and submit the Registration
After registration, you will receive an SMS or email at the email or number that you provide.
When you Varified the code a pin was generated.
After the generation pin, You should need to Print the Challen of registration which is 100 rupees to pay in the bank or pay the registration fee by debit or credit card
After that, you will receive a confirmation email from SECP within a day. If there is no prohibited word in your company name then that company name will be reserved.

 Company Incorporation Required Documents

Some documents are Necessary required in the company registration step.
Articles of Association Memorandum of Association. On SECP website Samples are Available.
Under which business sector your company has a relationship in the world is explained in the Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association tells the role of CEO and directors it tells to grow and run a company It is an infographic that explains the business process
Ceo Director or nominees CNIC copy is required and a Passport for the foreigner is required
NOC is required if businesses are special.
In the foreign company registration, you need to provide a list of directors. Detail of directors Profile of company and nationality. Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association are needed to provide.
In the feeling of document Subscribers Authorization

Company Registration fee

The total Company registration fee is RS 1800 for online submitting. The nominal share, not more than 100,000 AS in offline submission fee is 3500 Rupees.

Income and Sales tax Registration

National Tax Number (NTN) is necessary to have before company registration. Register NTN NUMBER is an easy task

Company Seal Certification of Incorporation

When you submit the documents SECP Will start Checking the validation of the documents. The company signature seal was generated by National Institutional Facilitation Center. You can take it from SECP. SECP provides you with a company certificate. When you receive the certificate then you should have all legal rights to start work


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