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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the Constitution which was approved in 1973. In the Parliament of Pakistan in the Government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In Parliament, it was Approved on the 12th of April 1973. The Constitution decides how to run Pakistan country. The constitution gives a direction to the Pakistan Political System. So it Identified the Fundamental Rights of the state and the citizens of Pakistan. Constitution Approved under the guidelines of objective resolution 1949

Constitution of Pakistan 1973 history 

The parliament of Pakistan pass two other Constitution which was in 1956 and 1962. Military coups rules can dissolve these constitutions. After that constitution of Pakistan in 1973 was passed by Parliament which is now enforceable. At least 49 years ago Pakistan’s constitution was Created in 1972 on October 20. The constitution was passed in 1973 on April 12. It was implemented in Pakistan on 14 August 1973. It had 25 Amendments from 1973 to till Now. Role of Law in Society is very important and it is done by the constitution of Pakistan

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How many articles are in the Constitution of Pakistan?

The constitution of Pakistan has a total of 280 articles.

Constitution Parts 

Download the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 Pdf here

complete constitution is in Pdf download it and get the easy constitution in pdf.

The Constitution of Pakistan 1973 has 280 Articles which are divided into Several Parts are these 

I Part=Introduction 

The introduction part of the constitution has some Articles from Articles 1 to 6 

II Part=Fundamental Principles, Rights, and Duties 

Article from numbers 7 to 40 represents the fundamental rights of Pakistan. It can ensure how Departments Play a role in Rights and duties

Fundamental Principles, Rights, and duties part 2 have two chapters which are the

Chapter 1

Fundamental Rights start from Article 8 to 28

Chapter 2

Principles of Policy start from Article 29 to40

III Part=Pakistan Federation 

Number Of Articles 41 to 100 Represent the federal system of Pakistan 

Part 3 Pakistan Federation has 3 chapters

Chapter 1

The President Chapter start with 41 articles to end with 49

Chapter 2

Majlis-e-Shoora Parliament starts from ARTICLES 50 TO 89

Chapter 3

The Federal Government starts from article 90 and ends at 100

IV Part=Provinces 

Article 101 to 140A deals with the provinces 

Provinces Part of Pakistan’s constitution has a total of three Chapter

Chapter 1

The Governor’s chapter starts from Articles 101 to article 105

Chapter 2

Provincial Assemblies start from Articles 106 to article 128

Chapter 3

The Provincial Government starts from Articles 129 to article140A

V Part=Provinces and Federal Relationship 

Article 141 to 159 deals with the relationship of all Pakistan Provinces to the federal of Pakistan 

Chapter 1

Distribution of Legislative Powers starts from Articles 141 to article 144

Chapter 2

Administrative Relations between the Federation and Provinces start from Articles 145 to article 152

Chapter 3

Special provisions chapter start from article 153 to 159 article

VI Part=Property and Finance, Contracts and suits 

Article 160 to Article 174 deal with the property and finance and the Contracts and the suits it has a total of three chapters. These three chapters cleared this part.

Chapter 1

Finance starts from Article 160 to article 165A

Chapter 2

Borrowing and Audit start from Articles 166 to article 171

Chapter 3

Property, Contracts, Liabilities, and Suits starts from Articles 172 to article 174

VII Part=Judicature 

Several Articles 175 to 212 deal with the judicature system of Pakistan the part of the constitution of Pakistan has a total of five chapters.

Chapter 1

The Courts start from Articles 175 to article 175A

Chapter 2

The Supreme Court of Pakistan Articles starts from 176to 191 articles in the constitution of Pakistan 1973

Chapter 3

The High Courts Articles start from 192 to article 203

Chapter 3a

Federal Shariat Court Articles start from 203A to article 203

Chapter 4

General Provisions Relating to the Judicature Articles start from 204 to 212

VIII Part=Election 

The Election of Pakistan is conducted under Articles 213 to 226  election part of the constitution has a total of two chapters that can give a procedure that how the election whole would be conducted in Pakistan. And the Process to elect A prime minister in Pakistan

Chapter 1

Chief Election Commissioner and Elections Commissions Articles start from 213 to article 221

Chapter 2

Electoral Laws and Conduct of Elections Articles start from 222 to article 226

IX Part=Islamic Provisions 

227 to 231 articles of the Pakistan constitution Deal with the Islamic Provisions system of Pakistan 

X Part=Emergency Provisions 

Article 232 to Article 237 deal with the emergency Provisions of Pakistan 

XI Part= Amendments of Constitution 

238 to 239 Article deals with the Amendments that how to amend the Constitution.

XII Part=Miscellaneous 

Several Articles from 240 to 380 deal with the Miscellaneous of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. That part of the constitution has a total of forty articles and a total of seven-chapter  

Chapter 1

The services chapter start from Article 240 to 242 article

Chapter 2

Armed Forces Articles start from 243 to article 245 Constitution of Pakistan 1973

Chapter 3

Tribal Areas Articles start from 246 to article 247 

Chapter 4

General Articles start 248 to article 259

Chapter 5

Interpretation starts from Articles 260to article 264

Chapter 6

Title, Commencement, and Repeal Articles began from 265 articles and end at 266
Transitional chapter Articles 267 to 280

Chapter 7

Transitional chapter Articles 267 to 280

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