Role of Law in Society | Purpose & Functions of Law

Everyone in the world knows that if there is no law made for humans then how does a society survive? So, it’s easy to Understand the Role of Law in Society. Due to the individuals and circumstances situations, there is impossible to cover all issues in one legal system. so due to That reason, different kinds of Laws are applicable in society. 

A wide number of Laws were created by the legislation. Administration agencies can create laws by seeing the traditions of the nation. Then Judiciary decides which law is best for the current. In looking it seems that a lot of Laws are applicable in society but these are for the welfare of humans.  

Role of Law in Society 

LAW Performs important Function In Society. LAW protects individuals’ and Liberties’ rights.  The Law of Rights was passed according to the constitution of Pakistan 1973. Law protects individuals from government, organizations, and even from individuals. The role of Law in society is very important to implement it to society to give the citizen the satisfaction that he is in a safe country. 

Purpose and Function of Law in society 

Laws Provide rules and a framework for dispute resolution between Individuals. There are systems of Law that can give relief to people in their disputes. To find someone’s solution individuals work together it is also a legal alternative. Every nation has a proper judicial system that starts from the local level to the Federal system. Execution executes Law in Society and and when someone disputes them the courts decide which is the truth and decides which one is wrong 

Function Of Law in society

If there is no Law in the world then it’s impossible to Build a stand between the People. It is easy to find who does murder crime theft but it’s difficult to see why these crimes are made by them. So, the Role of Law in Society is To establish a set of frameworks to set a slandered society. Without Law, it’s difficult to Run a standard in society between individuals. So Federal system of a country provides different Laws like tax law, civil law, Criminal law, Employment Law, Insurance law, commercial law 

Law enforcement institutes

Role of Law in society to maintain order. Law can give us protection from their law enforcement institutes such as the police army and many other institutes of the national level that can work to maintain law and order in society and make a society a peaceful society. So individual feels protected and safe in the country 

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