Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan |Everything you want to know

Pakistan has a number of departments to work in Pakistan. But the peace in Pakistan is only due to the Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. Agencies perform their task to keep peace in society and make the country crime-free. There are a number of Departments in law enforcement That are established under the constitution of Pakistan. That works from the province level to the federal level.

Federal Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan

All the Law enforcement agencies are established under the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. Under the National Assembly of Pakistan, All departments are answerable. 


ASF stands for Airport Security Force. Airport Security forces work under the Aviation department of Pakistan. Asf Perform Action for the security of the Aviation department from any unlawful action. It works to maintain peace and safeguard from terrorism and crime it play role in their territory in the Airport.


ANF stands for the Anti-Narcotics force. Anti-Narcotics forces Play their role to stop narcotics smuggling within or out of the country. Anf department plays a vital role in Pakistan to stop narcotics usage in the country.


Fia Stands for the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan.FIA is one of the best Federal Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. FIA works under the Interior Ministry of the federal of Pakistan. Fia work against Terrorism, Federal crime, Fascism, Smuggling, and work for many other crimes.


FC Stands for the Frontier constabulary. Fc is a paramilitary police force. Fc works in the KPK to maintain peace and justice where their Provincial police can t make peace and justice.


NHMP stands for the National highways and motorway police. NHMP works to maintain traffic laws on the highways and motorways and stop crimes on the motorway. it has the responsibility to make peace and protect individuals from crimes on motorways or highways.


NPC Stands for the National Police Academy of the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. It is the training center for civilian agency Officers’ training.


PCG stands for the Pakistan Coast Guard. It works along the coast of Pakistan.PCG is a paramilitary force.


PRP stands for the Pakistan Railways Police. It is a federal force that works to operate the Pakistan railways system.


PC Stands for Pakistan customs. Pakistan customs play a role in the Airports and in the seaports to make everything that enters the country legal and can they can clear their custom taxes.


FBR stands for the Federal board of revenue. Its duty is to collect taxes from the People who can under the tax laws and earn money that is equal to tax scales.


GBS Stands for the Gilgit Baltistan Scouts. It is a paramilitary. It performs its duty at Pakistan-China Border.


PR stands for the Pakistan Rangers. Pakistan Rangers are the paramilitary force that can operate along the PAK-India border.


DGII stands for the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation. It is the investigation branch of The Federal Board OF revenue.

Provincial Law enforcement Agencies:

All Provinces of Pakistan have their own Law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. Which work only within the province territory of Pakistan. Including Specialist units such as CTD

CTD Stands for the Counter-Terrorism Department in Pakistan

Balochistan Agencies:

Balochistan province has the provincial law enforcement agencies of Pakistan that work within the territory of the province.


Police stand for the Public Officer in legal investigations and criminal emergencies. Balochistan police perform functions in the 7 districts of Balochistan.

Balochistan police has one reserve police unit named the Balochistan Constabulary.

Balochistan has paramilitary Police forces that operate in the 30 districts of Balochistan Known As Balochistan Levies.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police is a civilian Police force in The kpc. It performs its duties in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

RFP stands for the Reserve frontier Police the reserve Police unit of KPK POLICE

SCU stands for the Special Combat Unit for the Counterterrorism Operations

KF stands for the Khasadar Force the terrible areas force that performs work in tribal areas now it is included in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Punjab Law enforcement Agencies:

Punjab Province has a Law enforcement department which is the Police and it can play an important role in law enforcement in Punjab. It is a civilian Police force.

DOLPHIN FORCE: in Punjab, a force that deals with Street Crimes is the Dolphin Force.

ELITE FORCE: It performs Counter-Terrorism Operations in Punjab

POLICE QUAMI RAZAKARs: It is the Punjab police Support force

Sindh Law enforcement Agencies

Sindh Police: The Sindh Police is a civilian force that operates in the Sindh

The special Security Unit is a counterterrorism unit that operates in Karachi City.


Islamabad Capital Territory Police operate in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Islamabad Trafic Police It operates in the Islamabad territory for traffic police



POLICE: The Azad Khasmir police perform in the Kashmir Territory


Police: Gilgit Baltistan Police operates in the area of Baltistan

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