objective resolution 1949 of Pakistan

Constitutional History of Pakistan had a great time when the Objective resolution was passed on 12 March 1949. In the first constitutional Assembly in the leadership of Liaqat Ali Khan. One of the most important resolutions that passed in 1949 in the Constitutional Assembly was the objective resolution.

Objective Resolution 1949 Pakistan

The Objective resolution becomes the Power Base of Pakistan’s Country. The objective resolution contained both the Islamic and the Political systems of western democracy. The history of the constitution of Pakistan when the resolution is passed can also get so much criticism. But it has become the power of Pakistan. Some of the important and main features of objective resolution are.

  • The sovereignty of the whole universe belongs to Allah Almighty
  • The state must be run according to the Rules of Allah
  • A representation should exercise the power in State
  • The constitution of Pakistan should be made under the constitutional Assembly
  • Democracy, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality, and Justice are done under the law of Islam.
  • Humans spend their Life According to the Teachings of Islam In the QURAN AND SUNNAH
  • No one has the power to stop Minorities to Pray in their religion
  • Every religion People live life according to their religion.
  • The people of Pakistan fully contributed to international peace justice Happiness and the progress of the world
  • The people of the state of Pakistan can take their rights and be Honoured in internationally.
  • The state makes the integrity honored, sovereignty, and territory to be Safeguard
  • The judiciary of Pakistan should be independence
  • The state must protect the whole nation of state all minorities and give them the right to live a perfect Life
  • Pakistan Should have a federal government system to run the country according to the Power of Islam

Laws that pass according to resolution are: List of Laws in Pakistan

Purpose of Resolution

The resolution of Pakistan declared the way of Pakistan that the country decides. this resolution declared that the constitution of Pakistan must be according to these points The country’s system should not be run according to the purposes of the western nations. it is a process that the whole country should run according to the teaching of Islam. Islam will be the Piller of that country.

Liaquat Ali Khan Efforts

Liaquat Ali Khan’s speech on the resolution on 7’march 1949 in the constitutional assembly of Pakistan. It was the most important time in the Life of Liaquat Ali Khan in the history of Pakistan when he goes to Start to Present the objective resolution Of Pakistan. He had so much pressure from the opposite parties that Quaid-e-Azam said that Pakistan is a Secular state so can,t admit it that to pass the resolution

Criticism of the Resolution

  • In the State, different religious peoples are living so there is no need to pass a religious revolution in the country.
  • The state should be run at the Natural process, not at the recommendation of any religion.
  • it is necessary to give a clear message to the whole country that all religion is equal in Pakistan.
  • The resolution of specific religious rules is a dangerous practice in Pakistan.
  • The incident in the previous subcontinent warns us to not implement a religion in any country.
  • The difference between the majorities¬† and minorities creates a clash in the country
  • Minorities and majorities should have rights equally so there is no need to pass a resolution that can heart the minorities
  • Minorities’ problem solution is to not pass an Islamic Objective resolution in the country

Resolution Passed after A long Debate

After a greater and perfect debate in which the favor and against both speeches are available. After great debate, the Objective Resolution of 1949 Pakistan was passed in the constitutional Assembly of Pakistan. And the resolution declared that the resolution is according to the Islamic system. So the whole country is run and making progress and the citizen of Pakistan should live their life according to the Quran And sunnah. The minorities that can,t belong to the Islamic religion will have the full right to spend their life according to their religion.


Before the resolution was passed many members of the assembly are in favor and many are against but after a lot of effort of the Liaquat Ali khan resolution was passed in Pakistan which declared that the sovereignty is Allah Almighty. In the resolution to declare that the constitution of Pakistan 1973 should be according to the Objective Resolution of Pakistan. For more info please visit Lawguide.pk

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