Martial Law in Pakistan | Military coups in Pakistan

Pakistan faces four-time the military cop law in the country. Martial Law in Pakistan was again and again implemented due to the instability of the political system in Pakistan. After the independence of Pakistan from British law in 1947. All the four military coups in Pakistan details are fully explained. The time period of the martial with the date and time is that.

First Martial Law In Pakistan

  • Military cops in Pakistan first time were ruled by Iskander Mirza on 7th October 1958.

Iskander Mirza was born on December 14, 1898, in Bengal. He belonged to Nawab of Bengal, Mir Jafar family. He completed his early education in Bombay at Elphinstone College. Later on, he joined Sandhurst Academy in England for army training in 1918. In1920, he joins the British Indian army. He Tribal Areas he serves as an Assistant Commissioner till 1931. Before the independence of Pakistan, he was the most senior Muslim civil servant. During this time, he gained firsthand experience in defense strategy. 

Iskander Mirza was known as a person who is hungry for power. He tries his full efforts to dominate the political system. He plays the role of a kingmaker in the political system as he was the head of the state. He was the first person who imposes martial law so he will be too much criticized to cross the Profession Limit. He was the governor of East Pakistan in 1954.

He remained the president of Pakistan from March 1956 to October,24,1958. Iskander Mirza dismisses the constitution of 1956 and imposes Martial law. Iskander Mirza enforced the Martial Law and become the president of Pakistan. He knows that Ayub khan provides him support but Ayub khan has other intentions October 27, 1958, Ayub khan ordered the Military Police to Arrest Iskander Mirza. After that, he lives in London until his death 

Second Military Coups Law in Pakistan

  • Martial in Pakistan Second Time was ruled by General Yahya Khan on March 25, 1969.

The second Martial Law was composed by army chief General Yahya Khan. Her full name is agha Mohammad Yahya Khan. He Disobeyed the constitution and assemblies of Pakistan and become president on 25 March 1969. He took all the country’s power in his hand and select 3 members as chairman after that Zulifqar Ali Bhutto took over Martial Law and become the administrator

Third Military Law in Pakistan

  • Third time Martial Law in Pakistan was Apposed by General Zia Ul Haq o 25 July 1977.

General Zia Ul Haq imposed third Martial Law in Pakistan. When the ruler is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. After the Military role started all the political parties in Pakistan band. All the national and provincial assemblies were dissolved. It was the third time Martial Law in Pakistan which destroy Pakistan’s economy. On 1st October 1971 court of Pakistan dismissed the election and start a discussion about Martial Law after that general Zia ul Haq takes of the Martial law and give the government to relative political peoples in this way Martial Law ended.

Fourth Military coups Law in Pakistan

  • Fourth Military coups Law in Pakistan was Apposed by General Pervaiz Musharraf on 12 October 1999.

In October 1999 Pakistan government came again under Martial Law. In simple it is the fourth Martial Law. At this time General Pervez Musharraf implement Martial Law and dissolved assemblies. It was the very worst movement in Pakistan and for the public because it is the fourth Martial law. This Martial Law is the long the past three Martial Laws. During this Martial Law, the presidential system in Pakistan remained from 2000 to 2008 three-person served as prime ministers in Pakistan. It is said that during the worst time in the history of Pakistan after 2008 Martial Law has been removed from Pakistan.

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