How to become a Judge in Pakistan

A judge can be elected from the lawyers. The judge can be the runner of the court and rule of order. they can understand the law and can implement it in society. A judge can work for justice. People do not decide what can do with criminals it is the duty of the judge that he can do punishment the criminal according to their country’s rules of law the rule of the judge is to do the right decision on the basis of merit and proof. Everything is happening in the courtroom on the basis of law. indifferent types of courts in Pakistan the procedure are different

Procedure to Become a Judge in Pakistan

To become a judge in Pakistan it is necessary to clear the % year LLB degree program from Pakistan and clear The Law Gat test for the Bar council Licence. So also do a six-month internship with a senior lawyer. After getting the license you are able to start practicing as a lawyer in Pakistan in the Lower courts of the country.  After two years you are able to go for the lower courts’ Judge exams which are announced in the National newspaper or visit Law guide. pk

Appointment of Judge

Session judges and district judges are appointed after two years of practical completing the law. The lawyer can do the exams for civil or session court judges when the vacancies are required. Hardworking and competitive students can enrolment in such tests f civil or session court judges. After clearing the written test and other medical, interviews. the candidates are appointed as judges. The high court of the Province can appoint the judges of the lower courts of the Province on the recommendation of the provincial public service commission

High Court Judge

As if any candidate wants to become a judge of the high court of the Province then he can practice as a lower for the next 15 years after 15 Year practice a Lawyer can go for the Judiciary test after clearing all tests they are appointed as a high court judge by the Provincial Government.


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