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Law Graduate Assessment test is compulsory to clear after completing 5 years LLB program. Law Gat test is essential to clear to get the District Bar association of Pakistan enrollment. HEC conducts law gat papers every 3 months as per their need, but sometimes due to some problem they can,t but it is necessary to clear the law gat test to Get the Bar license. HEC Law Gat Past papers are very important to know how the paper is conducted and which type of question is asked in the past papers.

LAW GAT Past Papers

Law Gat Papers are created from the LAW GAT SYLLABUS which includes the Pakistan Penal Code, Code of criminal procedure Pakistan, Qanun -e-Shahadat of Pakistan, MuslinPersonal Law of Pakistan, civil law, and General Law of Pakistan. The LAW GAT past papers MCQs are taken 99 percent from this syllabus of Law Gat. So Finally we have arranged the Law gat past papers and also some important MCQs,s in below. Our priority is that we can provide you with full stuff of Past papers so you can do the best preparation of past papers to achieve success in your exams

Past Papers Important MCQs,s

Law Graduate Assessment tests are tough to clear for those students who don,t interested in Past papers. So it’s necessary to study the Law gat Past Papers to get great success in your Bar council enrolment exam. Some of the Important MCQs that are here to study and LAW Gat.

Law Gat Past Papers Constitution MCQ,s

The LAW GAT PAST PAPERS Important MCQs,s of the constitution of Pakistan 1973 are these which have very important and are the repeated MCQ,s

  1. The period for the president of Pakistan?
  •         4 years
  •        6 years
  •        5 years
  •        3 years

2. How much age is required for the retirement of a supreme court judge?

  •      60 years
  •      65 years
  •      62 years
  •      63 year
  •      None of these

3.    How Many seats are reserved in the National Assembly of Pakistan?

  • 332 seats of the National Assembly  of P{akistan
  • 342 seats of the National Assembly of Pakistan
  • 352 seats of the National Assembly of Pakistan
  • None of These

4. Under which article Election Commission of Pakistan is constituted?

  • 218 Article of the constitution
  • 200 Article of the constitution
  • 228 article of the constitution
  • None of these

5. Minorities of Pakistan  Protected under which article

  • 36 Article
  • 32 article
  • 36 article
  • non of these

6. AS the president’s seat is vacant in Pakistan who becomes the President?

  • Person
  • Speaker of the national assembly
  • Members of Parliament
  • Chairman of Senate

7. At the end of Government tenure According to the Constitution how many days election held?

  • under 40 days
  • under 60 days 
  • Between 70 days
  • under 80 days

8. If due for some reason the government resolved before its tenure how many days the election was held?

  • 80 Days
  • 70 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 100 Days

9.  Freedom of trade is a deal under which constitution Article

  • Article 18 of the Constitution
  • Constitution Article 54 of the
  • Article 228 of the Constitution
  • None of these

10. Secret Ballot of the election deals with which article of the Constitution

  • Article 226
  • 228 Article
  • Article 222
  • None of these
  • PPC MCQ,s

Important MCQs,s  of LAW GAT Past Papers about the Pakistan Penal code. These are the Mcqs that are most repeated in the Past papers of LAW GAT

  1. Which section deals with the punishment of Robbery which section
  • 392 Section of Pakistan Penal code
  • 333 Section of Penal code
  • 444 section of PPC
  • None of these
  1. Stolen Property Received with dishonesty deals with which section
  • Section 411 of PPC
  • Section 412 of the Penal code
  • 444 Section of PPC
  • None of these
  1. Cheating in delivery of property Deals with which section
  • Section 420 0f PPC
  • 444 Section of PPC
  • Section 19 of PPC
  • None of These
  1. Total number of Sections in 1860 Pakistan Penal code
  • 511 number of Section
  • 512 section of PPC
  • 526 section
  • Number of section 555
  1. Which Section Deals with the marriage prohibited by Holy Quran.
  • 498c section
  • 429 b section
  • section 229
  • non of these
  1. Ppc section deals with the forcefully done Marriage
  • Section 498b
  • Section 498c
  • 440B Section
  • Section 490c
  1.       Currency Note Counterfeiting deals under which section
  • 489b section
  • section 499 b
  • 490 section
  • Section 444
  1. Commercial or Industrial meter Tampering deals under which LAW
  • 462 E Section
  • 444 b Section
  • 443 c Section
  • 445 e Section
  1. Electricity Lines Damaging deals under which Section
  • Section 462 f
  • Section 463 b
  • 444 Section
  • None of these
  1. When Robbery Decoity.
  • More than Five or five-person
  • One or more two-person
  • More than six-person
  • None of These

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