LAW GAT SYLLABUS 2022 [Paper Pattern by HEC]

The higher education commission of Pakistan declares the Law Gat syllabus 2022 for the license of the bar. So that candidates who can clear the LLB degree program or in final years exams prepare for the LAW GAT test because there is no chance to get the license without clearing the law graduate assessment test. But the Law GAT syllabus is declared by the Higher education Commission Of Pakistan.AS the students of law to do hard work to become a great lawyer so it is not difficult for those types of candidates. But according to those students who can appear in the LAW GAT test it is not easy. because the examiner makes a paper that is not easy to clear with high ranks from a practicing lawyer so do hard to get cleared the law gat test.

LAW GAT syllabus 2022

Law Gat Test held by Pakistan bar council under the higher education commission of Pakistan 4 times in a year. BUT in the year 2019, LAW GAT TEST was conducted 4 times.

    • January-February
    • May-June
  • August-September
  • November-December

FOR LAW GAT Test complete information click on the link LAW Graduate Assessment Test

LAW Graduate Test Syllabus.

HEC Law Gat syllabus consists of MCQs subjects are international law, the law of evidence, civil law, criminal law, legal terms languages, constitution jurisprudence. Law Gat Past Paper

1 Constitution 10% in Law graduate syllabus

  • World constitution
  • Constitution history of Pakistan
  • 1973 constitution of Pakistan

2 Jurisprudence 10%

  • English
  • Islamiyat

3 Civil law 20%

  • C.P.C
  • Law of contract/limitation/specific Relief/torts
  • Maxims equality

4 Criminal law 20%

    • Cr. P.C
    • p.p.c
    • law of Qisas and Diyat

5 Law of evidence 20%

  • Qanoon-e-shahadat
  • principles

6 International law 10%

  • Public
  • Private

7 Cannons of professional conduct etiquettes of an advocate as prescribed under chapter xii of the Pakistan legal practitioners & 1976 bar council rules 05% in Law Graduate syllabus 2022

8 English legal languages 05%

total of 100 percent%

Policies For syllabus 2022

As the latest decision of the Pakistan bar council is to clear that students who can be got 40% marks. As to remove the 50% marks decisions so it is a great decision for the law graduate students. Pakistan bar council also decided to remove the policy that is the candidates can only appear 3 times in the law gat test. Now there is no limit set that how many times a student can appear in the law gat.AS any changes in the policies of law gat test you can visit Law for the latest update

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