LAT Syllabus 2023 [Test Paper Pattern by HEC]

HEC LAT stands for the Law Admission Test of Higher Education Commission (HEC). So Lat Syllabus 2022 is important to check before starting reparation. It was conducted by the higher education commission 3 times a year for the students who want to get admission in the under syllabus graduate LLB degree program. LLB time duration was increased from 3 years to 5 years. LLB’s 3-year program goes to end in 2018. So next, any candidate who wants to get admission to the LLB degree program is necessary for that to get admission in a 5-year LLB program after 12 years of education.

LAT Syllabus 2023 Exams Month

Lat syllabus is provided by the higher education commission. The LAT test is conducted by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan 3 times a year. As by given Law Admission Test Syllabus 2023.

  • January-February
  • May-June
  • September-October

Note:- Date of the Lat test may be different each year

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Law Admission Test Syllabus 2022 Marks distribution

The law admission test syllabus 2022 complete information is given below

  • Essay (EITHER IN ENGLISH URDU, Total marks 15, 200 Words maximum
  • Personal statement Marks 10
  • Mathematics Marks 5  Basic math
  • Urdu Marks 10 vocabulary
  • general knowledge Marks 20
  • Islamic study Marks 10
  • Pakistan study Marks 10
  • English Marks 20,  synonyms, antonyms, prepositions

For Law, admission test registration information visit the link LAW Admission Tes

Law Admission Test syllabus Essay (Either in English or Urdu)

Lat essays are an important part of the Lat syllabus. You have to write Lat essays short but precise and accurate. To get maximum marks out of that portion in Lat essays you have to build your vocabulary strong and have a grip on the English grammar and parts of speech. You have both options to write a Lat essay in English or in Urdu. But writing Lat essays in English is the best choice in the lat syllabus. If you think that your English language is weak then you must write an essay in the Urdu language.

Important Topics For LAT Syllabus test 2022-2023
Some topics are very important in lat test preparation for the HEC Law Admission test syllabus .click to see Lat Past Papers

  • Life Holly Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)
  • Covid19
  • My aim in life
  • What is life
  • Role of technology in life
  • Democracy of Pakistan
    And also the current incidence in the world  or the world important topics

    LAT Personal statement

    In the Lat syllabus 2022 Lat personal statement section, your personal opinion about the topic is asked some topics asked are these

  • why do you want to become a lower?
  • why you chose the field of law?
  • is co-education necessary
  • what is democracy?
    Like that’s many topics are asked in the LAT Personal statement which you can answer.

    LAT  MCQs

    Lat MCQs are a very important portion of the LAT Test. The total marks of MCQs,s in  Law Admission Test Syllabus are 75 so it is very important to attain Lat MCQs topic be careful. Every each subject portion is separate and their marks are given above the topic

    Color order of MCQs Sheets

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • White
  • Yellow
    Total MCQs sheets are 5. we are mentioning it here because w suggest that you never copy from any other student because every color sheet has different MCQ numbers.


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