How to Become a Lawyer in pakistan

A Lawyer or Advocate is a great profession worldwide. Teachers and the Parents of students encouraged them. As the law is a     respected profession in Pakistan like doctor engineer and charted accounted. Students go for LLB to become Lawyers in Pakistan. Such as the duty of the lawyer to protect the interests of their client and other people because he knows the rights and duties of the people.

There is various step that a student can fulfill to become a lawyer in Pakistan. Become an advocate in the Pakistan process are quite lengthy to start a practice as a lawyer in Pakistan

To Become a lawyer in Pakistan

To become a lawyer in Pakistan know that the maximum age limit is 24 years. To get admission to the LLB 5-year regular program. The 3-year LLB program is completely removed from Pakistan. The AGE limit is not fixed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan as 24 age is the last to get admission as many universities can compromise on age. different types of lawyers in Pakistan

Intermediate Exams

To become a lawyer in Pakistan a student who has cleared the intermediate exams. As get admission to LLB Program in any university where he wants. A student after the FSC Pre-engineering and FSC Pre-medical, FA, ICS, and ICOM cleared students will be able to get admission in the LLB program to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan. Students can do hard work to get got ranks in HSSC to get into more well and good universities because the merit is too high.

LAW Admission Test

Law Admission Test is the next step to becoming a lawyer in Pakistan. After intermediate, it’s necessary to clear the Law Admission Test. With a minimum of 50 marks. Because 50 marks are passing marks on the law admission test.

LAT SYLLABUS  complete detail

LLB Degree Program

LLB degree program is a 5-year degree program in Pakistan. NOW LLB is a bachelor’s degree program. to get admission to any university must check that university must be recognized by the Higher education commission of Pakistan and the Pakistan Bar council. LLB in Pakistan is in the semester system in public universities and it is an annual system in private universities and affiliated colleges.

LAW Graduate Assessment Test.

After clearing the LLB degree necessary to Clear the LAW GAT Test for the License. Law Gat is conducted as professional students join the Pakistan bar council.

Bar Council license

The final and last step to becoming a lawyer in Pakistan is to get a license from the Bar Council. To get a License a candidate must clear the Law Gat Test. Then do an internship of 6 months with a senior lawyer. After fulfilling these requirements you can Get Admission from the respected Bar Council.

After getting a license a new Graduate candidate can get star practice as a lower in the lower courts of Pakistan and after 2-year practice in the lower courts, you can get into High Courts. And a minimum of 10 years is required to get the eligibility to handle supreme court cases

The scope of LAW in Pakistan is very vast in every field a Lawyer is required to handle their Legal work.

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